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Consumer Advisory Committee

The Consumer Advisory Committee comprises of individuals who have first-hand experience with post-infective fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome, either as sufferers themselves, or as next-of-kin. 


The COFFI Consumer Advisory Committee include:


Prof. Paul Garner, United Kingdom

Academic. Previously affected by the

post-COVID-19 syndrome






Dr Marte Jürgensen, Norway Medical

practitioner. Previously affected by

post-infective fatigue syndrome

(Post Epstein-Barr virus). 





Daniel Forrest, Australia

Psychologist (Provisional).

ffected by post-infective fatigue

syndrome (Post Epstein-Barr virus)




Amy Engkjer, United States. Non-profit

founder. Previously affected by post

COVID-19 syndrome

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Paul Garner_LSTM profile photo.jpg
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