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Efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy targeting severe fatigue following COVID-19, resu
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Kuut TA, Müller F, Aldenkamp A, Assmann-Schuilwerve E, Braamse A, Geerlings SE, Gibney KB, Kanaan RAA, Nieuwkerk P, Olde Hartman TC, Pauëlsen D, Prins M, Slieker K, Van Vugt M, Bleeker-Rovers CP, Keijmel SP, Knoop H. A randomised controlled trial testing the efficacy of Fit after COVID, a cognitive behavioural therapy targeting severe post-infectious fatigue following COVID-19 (ReCOVer): study protocol. Trials. 2021 Dec 2;22(1):867. doi: 10.1186/s13063-021-05569-y. PMID: 34857010; PMCID: PMC8637041.

Prevalence and Characteristics Associated With Post–COVID-19 Condition Among Non-hospitalized Adolescents and Young Adults.

Joel Selvakumar, MD; Lise Beier Havdal, MD; Martin Drevvatne, MD; Elias Myrstad Brodwall, MD; Lise Lund Berven, PhD; Tonje Stiansen-Sonerud, MSc; Gunnar Einvik, MD, PhD; Truls Michael Leegaard, MD, PhD; Trygve Tjade, MD; Annika E. Michelsen, PhD; Tom Eirik Mollnes, MD, PhD; Fridtjof Lund-Johansen, MD, PhD; Trygve Holmøy, MD, PhD; Henrik Zetterberg, MD, PhD; Kaj Blennow, MD, PhD; Carolina X. Sandler, PhD; Erin Cvejic, PhD; Andrew R. Lloyd, MD, PhD; Vegard Bruun Bratholm Wyller, MD, PhD

The COFFI Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) represents consumer perspectives within the COFFI Collaborative. The CAC met informally in December 2021 to reflect on consumer priorities and refined three broad areas and questions that they would like information from the scientists - either through what they know from the field and what their research is beginning to show.

The three topics explored in the workshop were:

1. The illness trajectory

2. Mind-body explanations of the symptoms

3. What helps people recover

The aim of the virtual workshop was to:

  • Help develop narratives from science that are useful for consumers

  • To help scientists draw on the consumer viewpoint in developing, designing and disseminating their research

  • The questions posed are a guide to initiate the dialogue, the format is experimental, but we hope this approach can be finessed over time

COFFI Consumer workshop flyer
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Further details and recording have been uploaded in the COFFI members portal.

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